Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening screen from “No friends,” animated by Petra Sobers

Petra Sobers is a Barbadian Fulbright Scholar currently studying Computer Animation at DePaul University in Chicago.

As I sit here outside a movie cinema, I am reminded of how much computer animation has become so entrenched in many aspects of our lives.  From medical and flight simulations to educational games and teaching methods to advertising and 3D in the cinema, computer animation has made these and other areas exciting, easier and more meaningful. 

Thus it is an honor to have been chosen by the Fulbright program to study a Master’s of Science in Computer Animation.  Being at DePaul University in the Loop of the beautiful city of Chicago has made my experience even more fulfilling for the past year I’ve been here.  The beauty of the place with its many pieces of artwork is enhanced by the liveliness of its multicultural citizens.

It was daunting at first coming from a small, warm country to a larger city where temperatures can plunge to -29°C (feels like).  However, once the adjustment was made, I started to enjoy even the heavy snow so much that the lack of much snow this year was a disappointment for me.

The business of animation is time consuming, if it is to be great.  I learned very early that many repeats are sometimes required to make a good animation.  However, DePaul is blessed with some of the best animation instructors around who place emphasis on making the learning process exciting and perfect at every stage.
Speaking of learning, it has become very clear how the use of computer animation can make education better for students who thrive with different learning styles.  Educators and architects alike are here to delve into the wonders that animation has to offer to their careers. 

I am blessed to be here.  I am able to work hard, meet Fulbrighters from around the world, enjoy the many sites of the city and still do well.  As I journey to completion I will continue to relish in every moment and I thank Fulbright for giving me the opportunity to do my country proud.

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